Dr. Kai U. Heitmann

About Kai U. Heitmann

Dr Kai Heitmann works as an healthcare IT consultant in Europe with the main focus on Germany and the Netherlands. He is mainly active in the fields of standardization in healthcare communication, especially the HL7 (Health Level Seven) family of standards like CDA or FHIR. In projects he deals with all major phases: concept, specification and implementation. He is the principal consultant with Heitmann Consulting and Services in Germany providing consulting, development, training and media related services on information exchange and system integration based on healthcare standards.

He is co-founder of the ART-DECOR tool suite, member of the ART-DECOR Expert Group (art-decor.org) and co-founder of ART-DECOR Open Tools (Entrepreneurial Company). Media-related activities includes Videos with interviews, fore- and background information about Standardization and the people behind it, mainly published on hl7.tv or vimeo.

He has been the Deputy head of the Medical Informatics unit at the Institute of Medical Statistics, Informatics and Epidemiology of the University of Cologne, Germany, until January 2006.

Kai is an acknowledged expert in the application of XML in Healthcare; he advised the Ministries of Health of the Netherlands and Lithuania, as well as large trade associations in Germany and the Netherlands, on aspects of e-Health.

Kai has been involved in HL7 since 1994, he was International Director on the Board of HL7 International from Jan 2004 to Dec 2008, is Executive Director HL7 Germany and acted in different Chair roles for HL7 Germany, member of the Technical Steering Committees Germany and a member and ISO delegate of the German Institute of Standardisation (DIN). He works as a contributor/author for ISO Technical Committee 215 Medical Informatics.

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