Dr. Kai U. Heitmann

Memberships and activities

  • Co-Founder of the ART-DECOR tool suite and member of The ART-DECOR Expert Group and CEO, ART-DECOR® Open Tools

  • CEO Gefyra GmbH, a German company specialized in HL7 FHIR Training, Development, Projects

  • Founder of HL7 in the World of Video hl7.tv

  • Board member as Director International Affiliates - Board HL7 International (hl7.org) January 2004 until December 2008 (5yr)

  • CEO HL7 Germany since January 2015

    Chair HL7 Germany 2005-2007 and 2011-2013, past chair 2007-2009 and 2013-2015

    Board member of HL7 Germany 2002-2015

    Public Relation Manager of HL7 Germany 2000-2003

    Editor of the German HL7 newsletter from 1999 until 2004 (12 editions)

  • HL7 Ambassador for HL7 International since 2008 (Ambassador for HL7 Version 3 and the Clinical Document Architecture)

  • Member of the German Normalization Institute (DIN) Berlin, DIN delegate at HL7 International and at International Standardization Organization ISO since 2011

  • Member of the Technical Committees HL7 Germany since 1995

  • Member of the Technical Steering Committee at Stichting HL7 Nederland (HL7 The Netherlands) 2006-2014

  • Contributor to ISO TC 215 Medical Informatics

    Author of ISO 13582 - Health informatics - Sharing of OID registry information - Technical Specification

  • Co-chair of HL7 International Work Group: Templates since 2012

    Autor of HL7 Templates Standard: Specification and Use of Reusable Information Constraint Templates, Release 1, STU since 2014, Normative Ballot in 2017

    Member of HL7 International Work Groups: Structured Documents, Patient Care

    Autor of the ANSI/HL7 V2 XML-2003 Standard “HL7 Version 2: XML Encoding Syntax, Release 1

    Co-author of the HL7 Version 3 XML ITS

    Past co-chair of the XML Special Interest Group HL7 International

  • Consultant at Nictiz - the National IT Institute for Healthcare in the Netherlands -, the national coordination point and knowledge centre for IT and innovation in the healthcare sector in the Netherlands

  • Consultant at VZVZ - Vereniging van Zorgaanbieders voor Zorgcommunicatie (VZVZ), the Netherlands

  • Past board member of the German Medical Informatics Society (GMDS), current member of working groups of the GMDS

  • Significant contributions for concept and design of the hospital information system at the university hospital of Cologne since 1991, creation and development of the service department for information technology

  • Organization and program committee member functions for several national and international conferences, mainly standardization conferences.

  • Co-presenter of the HL7 Eastern Europe Roadshow, visiting the Czech Republic, Hungary, Croatia, Poland and Lithuania. Contributions of presentations, tutorials and workshops mainly but not limited to European healthcare IT conferences and projects.

Honors and Awards

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